The 4 seasons in Brittany
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Brittany month by month

January: Winter at the fireplace, enchanting tales at Fouesnant from 26 to 29 January, four days of beautiful stories told by 3 storytellers from 3 different countries ...

February: La Chandeleur, eat good Breton pancakes. Eggs, flour, milk and a little sugar, it's done! To your billigs!

March: Meet at the tip of Mousterlin for the great equinoctial tide from 28 to 31 March, to discover the foreshore.

April: The month of April is the flowering period of the famous narcissus of Glénan. From Bénodet, discover Lulu, nature guide of Fouesnant, and discover a unique species.

May: The festival of Brittany, from 13 to 21 May, invites you to discover a colorful and innovative Brittany. It's time to enjoy a break on an extended weekend.

June: Spring at the Botanical Park of Cornwall in Combrit: magnolias, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, fill the beautiful colors.

July: Summer is the opportunity to discover Breton culture through its festivals and festivals. In Quimper, rendezvous with the festival of Cornouaille for a week of music.

August: The interceltic festival of Lorient is 10 days of shows and more than 700,000 people meet Celtic music.

September: It is the return, and if the sun is of the party, come spend a quiet season in strolling in the lanes of the closed town of Concarneau.

October: From the point of Mousterlin to the tip of Beg-Meil, take advantage of the month of October to cross the swamps of Mousterlin in the beautiful colors of autumn.

November: Come walk in the footsteps of Gauguin, find the atmosphere, the colors and the landscapes that inspired him during a trip to Pont-Aven.

December: Every year, Locronan is dressed in lights for the end of the year, an appointment not to be missed!