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Camping by the beach

Campsite beach

Leaving the campsite through « Flamants » row, you reach the beach directly, walking on a shady path. You arrive then to "Cleut Rouz". The beach, 4km long, goes from “Mousterlin” to “Beg-Meil” headland.
It is bordered by dunes separating the polder of Mousterlin from the ocean.
“Natura 2000” protected natural site, the polder of Mousterlin is being restored in order to recover the original qualities of the site.
Transformed into a polder between the two world wars, the polder lies today fallow and silted up. The installation of new valves on the dam of “Cleut Rouz”, among others, will lead to a process of resalinization and allow to regain his biodiversity.

Cleut Rouz beach faces south/south-east.

This is a spot ideal for windsurfing when the wind comes from the west, south-west, south and east. At low tide, the beach is popular for families with young children, because the slope is so gentle, the water level is low, making monitoring easier.

Sainte-Marine beach

The wonderful beach of Combrit-Sainte Marine (5km of fine sand) begins at Sainte Marine headland and ends at Ile Tudy. This beach is a real paradise for children and families.
Well sheltered from currents, with wildest corners and other most popular, everyone finds his place to spend pleasant moments.

Trez beach in Bénodet

Heartly located in Bénodet, the wide beach of Trez offers the possibility to make plenty activities : sailing, windsurfing, Mickey beach kidsclub from 3 to 14 years old, swimming lessons, private beach huts renting...

Letty site in Bénodet

Nearby the White Sea, true inland sea, “Letty” beach faces the dune which runs to Mousterlin headland. This naturally preserved lagoon presents at every moment an exceptional show.

Kerambigorn beach to Beg-Meil

Just before Beg-Meil headland and its semaphore, the beach of Kerambigorn kept a wild side. A beautiful dune of marram grass and blue thistles shelters you from the wind. Front of you, the distant Glénan islands.

Coves of Beg-Meil

Between Beg-Meil and Cap-Coz, little coves welcome you for a sunbathing afternoon sheltered by the rocks.

Kerler beach in Mousterlin

Kerler beach locates in Mousterlin. Since 2004, Kerler is officially recognized for the practice of naturism on a distance of 1000 meters from 1/05 to 31/10. Beautiful white sand beach gently sloping, ideal for families with children.

Grand Large beach in Mousterlin

Just after Mousterlin, towards Beg-Meil, the beach runs on 4km. It begins at le Grand Large. You'll find an excellent restaurant with a breathtaking view on the ocean.

Cleut Rouz beach in Mousterlin

A little further down after the Grand Large, Cleut Rouz beach. This is where you will join Sunêlia L’Atlantique campsite, on foot or by bike trails, winding through the polder.

Cap-Coz beach

The beach of Cap-Coz almost makes you believe you're on a tropical beach ; it is lined with pine trees that give you salutary shade. Cap-Coz (old cape in breton) is a narrow strip of sand that ends on the east by a small rocky island, well protected from the prevailing winds by the headland of Beg-Meil.

Kerleven beach in La Forêt-Fouesnant

The beach of Kerleven lends itself very well to foot fishing by large tidal coefficient. At high tide, the beach is great for swimming.

Sables Blancs beach in Concarneau

The beach of  Sables Blancs (White Sands beach) is the biggest of Concarneau bay. Here you can enjoy the peace and tranquility, fine sand and clear water.
If you are also fond of windsurfing, the place is quite windy for this practice.