The beaches of the country Fouesnantais
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The beaches of Fouesnant

“Beg-Meil” : Little dreamcoves in “Fouesnant”

The coves of “Beg-Meil”

A costal path along the cliff , full of camelias, rhododendrons and azaleas, follows the bay of “la Forêt-Fouesnant”,then thick clumps of ferns lining up till “Beg-Meil” end. This costal walk, from « Concarneau » to « la Mer Blanche » (litterally the White Sea), offers a superb ride deep in the shady paths.

«  Bot Conan » beach to « Beg-Meil »

The coast between « Beg-Meil » and « Cap-Coz », is divided into numerous coves, in which the summer’s “Crusoë” adventurers dream being alone on the planet : and so they are at “Bot Conan” or at the “birds’ beach”, “plage des oiseaux” in French.

« Beg-Meil » slipway

Small coastal shelter from « Fouesnant », it is from « Beg-Meil » that, during peak season, you can reach the « Glénan » islands by boat but also « Concarneau » harbour. Some professional fishermen are based in « Beg-Meil ». The slipway is especially the place for leisure like diving, sailing...
Under the “old French regime”, "Beg-Meil" refers only to the rocky headland now called “the semaphore headland”. This semaphore, building of the Navy, operates a marine surveillance at all times, ensuring navigational assistance, territorial surveillance and regulation of maritime traffic and fishing.

Mousterlin : Nature at your fingertips in Fouesnant

Fouesnant : Mousterlin headland / Located 5km from the center of Fouesnant, Mousterlin is certainly the wildest costal place of  Fouesnant. Starting point for many excursions towards « la Mer Blanche » or « Beg-Meil ».
Between Mousterlin and Beg-Meil and bordering the Polder, Sunêlia L'Atlantique campsite is like a pearl in a green case.

Shellfish in the rocks

Mousterlin is a wonderful place for shellfish. You will find crabs, shrimps and shellfishes. We just ask you to respect the quality of the environment : Do not keep small animals and put rocks in their original position if you want to make a fishing as good as it was, for next time. At high tide at the dock, equipped with a bait, you can tease mullet, gurnard or bar.
Fouesnant : Mousterlin Polder / 127 hectares removed from the action of the sea since 1927 by an embankment, acquired in large part by the “Conservatoire du Littoral” since 1982. Brackish lagoon, forest, meadows, wetlands, dune ... A diversity of landscapes housing a specific flora and fauna that you discover during the walk.

Kerler beach

At Kerler, leave your bikes. Cross the double wooden bridge - one for horses, one for humans ! –welcome a heron on the lookout and run towards the ocean. After a cool night, the beach is colored by rose algae. Pleasure of first bath on a beautiful sandy beach gently sloping; ideal for families and children. Since 2004, a nudist area is officially recognized : panels are installed.
The campsite beach stretches between Mousterlin and Beg-Meil, on about 4km. This range, largely wild, allows safe swimming, especially for toddlers. Indeed, the very gentle slope allows for swimming shallow even at high tide. Accessible from the campsite by a shaded path that crosses the Polder in just 10 minutes, you will arrive at a place called "Cleut Rouz", the "Red Gate".