New for 2019 The cashless bracelet will ease your stay !
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New for 2019, Cashless bracelets

New in your campsite!

The Cashless system is simple, fast and safe!

Simple: it allows you to pay in all the services of the campsite
Fast: No need to count your change, present your wrist, it's settled!
Safe: No more fears of losing your wallet!

In concrete terms, how does that work ?

At the campsites' reception, you will receive your bracelets and charge them with the amount of your choice. As soon as your bracelet is credited, you can pay in all the services of the campsite! If you wish not to wear a cashless bracelet, free to you! You can always pay in our services with your Credit Card but it is less convenient (we warned you! ;))

How to credit your bracelet?

You can credit your bracelet at the reception of the campsite or at the bar (outside the opening hours of the reception). We accept the following means: Cash (€50 notes or less only) and Credit Card.

What to do in case of loss?

If you lose your bracelet, go to the reception to block your old bracelet and credit your credits on a new bracelet (be careful to keep the receipt and the number noted on the back of your bracelet to simplify the process!)

And if there are credits left at the end of your stay?

No worries ! Go to the main reception the day before your departure so that we can refund you. We inform you that we will refund on your credit card only.