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The Sunêlia Guarantee

The Sunêlia Sun Offer

The Sunêlia Sun Offer covers you whether you are travelling to the coast, the mountains or the countryside!

It is offered for all stays of 7 nights minimum in self-catering accommodation and starts from the day of arrival to the day before departure.

If you have less than 3 days of sunshine* during your stay, you will receive a 100 € gift voucher.

If you have no sun at all during your stay, you will receive a 200 € gift voucher.

The Sunêlia Sun Offer is included in all holiday packages subject to the following conditions:
-The reservation must have been made at least 3 days before the start date of your holiday
-The offer applies to rented, self-catering accommodation only.
-For any holiday taking place between 26 April and 8 September 2019.

You will automatically benefit from the Sunêlia Sun Offer if you meet all the conditions required.
You will then automatically receive 100 € or 200 €, depending on the weather conditions.

* For the offer to take effect, there must be less than 2 hour of direct sunlight per day between 10am and 6pm on the given day, calculated by the METNEXT Sun Index, which indicates the duration of sunshine for each Sunêlia site every day. The duration of sunshine is defined as the duration during which the solar radiation is of sufficient intensity (greater than or equal to 120W / m2) to produce distinct shadows (source: Météo-France). The index is calculated by METNEXT (a subsidiary of Météo France) using data from the Meteosat 2 satellite.

Sunêlia Cancellation Guarantee

The Sûnelia Cancellation Guarantee* is included in all bookings for a minimum of 7 nights!

This guarantee takes effect from the moment you agree to the rental contract and expires at midnight on the day before the first day of your stay.

Subject to the respect of your contractual obligations, this guarantee allows you to obtain the reimbursement of expenses incurred, if your stay was to be cancelled for the following reasons (comprehensive list):  

1-Serious illness, bodily injury or death of :
-you, your spouse of right or de facto, your ascendants or descendants, your guardian
-your brothers, sisters, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, stepfathers, stepmothers.
Serious illness or serious bodily injury means any temporary or permanent injury to your physical integrity, medically determined and involving the cessation of any professional or other activity.

2-Pregnancy complications

3-Serious damages :
Imperatively requiring your presence on the day of the planned departure and consecutive to a theft, a fire, damage by water or natural elements affecting your principal residence or your business premises destroyed by more than 50% (insurance certificate to be provided).

4-Redundancy :
Of yourself or your spouse provided that the procedure was not initiated before the booking of the stay.

All these grounds for cancellation must be sent by registered letter along with all necessary documents stating the facts (experts' reports, police statements, notifications, medical or death certificates ...) as soon as they occur and within 3 business days of the incident or event at the latest
* Applies to rented accommodation only