Vue piscine - Camping l'Atlantique Fouesnant


L'Atlantique campsite offers much more than a simple holiday in Southern Brittany. It also means a holiday at a campsite by the sea and a relaxing moment at the waterside with your partner, family or friends. Discover all the wonders that await you near our campsite in Fouesnant.

Cleut Rouz - Camping l'Atlantique Fouesnant

Cleut-Rouz and its neighbors

In addition to our 4,000 m² water park, the Yelloh! Village L'Atlantique enjoys direct access to the sea. More specifically, Cleut-Rouz beach, between the Pointe de Mousterlin and the Pointe de Beg-Meil. Facing south-east, this huge sandbank is a great windsurfing spot. The beach is also very popular with families since its shallow waters and the relatively gentle slope make it easy to keep an eye on the children. Finally, Cleut-Rouz is the perfect place for a walk and the chance to admire the beauty of the sea.

Continue towards Beg-Meil and discover the neighbouring beaches: Coat-Clévarec and Kerambigorn. Together, they form a 4-kilometre beach with ever-changing but constantly fascinating landscapes. Especially at Kerambigorn with is well-preserved wild coastline. Here you will find a marram grass and thistle dune which, in addition to protecting you from the wind, offers a stunning view of the Glénan archipelago.

Beg Meil - Camping l'Atlantique Fouesnant

Beg-Meil, its semaphore and coves

On the other side of the sandbank formed by the beaches lies another treasure: Beg-Meil. This natural haven is renowned for its enchanting coves but also for its semaphore which dominates the surroundings and from which the French Navy maintains a watchful eye. The latter is also the starting point for a walking trail that leads to about half a dozen coves. You will be amazed!

At the end of this route, you will find La Cale. This is the perfect spot for a many water-based activities, including diving, rowing and sailing. To complete your walk, continue to the equally magnificent Cap Coz and admire the beaches of Bot Conan and La Roche Percée along the way.

Mousterlin - Camping l'Atlantique Fouesnant

The Pointe de Mousterlin and its sunset

The western end of the beach leads directly to Mousterlin, a popular spot with tourists as well as Fouesnant locals. It has to be said that the setting is heavenly and the clear turquoise waters are the main feature of the landscape at high tide. However, the most fascinating sight is on the horizon.

Firstly, the Île aux Moutons and its iconic lighthouse, and slightly further away, the Glénan Islands, one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the Bay of Biscay that offer stunning scenery. The sunsets at the end of the day guarantee you one of the most beautiful views in Fouesnant, maybe even in Brittany. It is the perfect setting for a souvenir photo with family, friends or your loved one that will ensure you never forget your holiday at our campsite in Brittany.