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Activity Sailing in Brittany

Discover the FOIL WINDSURF in Fouesnant. Indeed, Britain sailing league offers the first regional competition dedicated to the foil and the first race is scheduled in Fouesnant on 6 March. Other events will take place later in the three other Breton departments.

Windsurf - Camping l'Atlantique Fouesnant


For water sports enthusiasts, the foil has no secrets. Installed under the hull catamarans, those long fins help take off a boat to several meters above the water. The Windsurf Foil originates from Hawaii side but will be developed in Britain.

Besides the presence of this great spoiler, windsurfing Foil is characterized by a modified board: stronger and wider on the back than a traditional board and perforated on the front so that the board, once in the air, is not destabilized by the wind.

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Nautical center of Fouesnant Cornwall

The nautical center located in Cap-Coz offers all kinds of activities from 4 to 77 years and accompanies you throughout the year or during your holiday in Fouesnant.

For younger, internships discovery of sailing and the environment, and every Saturday in July and August, the center organizes a treasure hunt. And for all levels, the center offers windsurfing courses, dinghy, catamaran and sea kayak.

Activities are also possible at the Sitting leisurely sailing, stand-up paddle, water running. Find all this information on the nautical center website.

Sailing in Brittany

The most famous sailing school is probably "sailing school the Glénan". The latter, based on the Glénan islands, is known for the quality of its teaching. When arriving at a nautical center in Fouesnant (CapCoz, Begmeil or the Glénan), you will meet passionate and fascinating people.