Vue piscine - Camping l'Atlantique Fouesnant

Camping Fouesnant - Les Glénan : seaside resort in southern Brittany

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Yelloh! Village L'Atlantique is located in Fouesnant-Les Glénan between Mousterlin and Beg-Meil. There is a lovely market every Friday morning.


Mousterlin headland is surrounded by the most amazing scenery. This geographical formation is unique in France. To the west, the natural lagoon near the “White Sea” runs to Benodet, along a beach, cut off from the world.

To the east, man closed the doors where the flow once formed a vast polder of meadows, ponds and reedbeds.


The mill which gave its Breton name to the rocky headland disappeared. It was replaced by a semaphore, also perched on top of a dune overlooking the ocean. From the headland to the village, the coast is divided into tiny coves and beaches sheltered from the swell and winds from the west.

Summer residents built beautiful villas along the coastal path, which offers the most beautiful walks.

Mousterlin - Camping l'Atlantique Fouesnant
Beg Meil - Camping l'Atlantique Fouesnant
Cap Coz - Camping l'Atlantique Fouesnant
Cleut Rouz - Camping l'Atlantique Fouesnant
Iles Glénan - Camping l'Atlantique Fouesnant

Cap-Coz and Penfoulic cove in Fouesnant

Between pine trees and the bay, the sandspit of "Cap Coz" forms a large estuary where the marshes rush. On one side of the isthmus, beaches stretch under the trees, with their quiet terraces.

On the other side, the fascinating foreshore: sometimes the shells float and birds fly above the Penfoulic cove, sometimes the tide goes out and the boats run aground.

Penfoulic woods, between Fouesnant and Cap-Coz, is a great place to explore the woodlands, plants, smells and birdlife. Pathway adapted for the disabled (visual, motor, auditive, mental disabilities).

Locally made apple and cider

Fouesnant's cider is renowned for its quality. It is produced with the utmost rigor, throughout the production process. Strictly limited land cultivation, controlled cultivation, limited yield pressed, fermentation monitored, natural effervescence and strict taste tests… this all contributes to the success of this exceptional product.

The sheer number of tree species in Fouesnant is quite surprising. From yews to oak trees, pine and palm trees, often over a hundred years old, surrounded by chapels and manor houses, thriving in parks and gardens. Whatever the weather, the time or the path you choose, you'll be surprised by the scope of the sky, bigger and brighter than elsewhere. Behind the dunes and rocks, the second landscape in Fouesnant… the sea! White sand and turquoise water taking you to the Glénan islands. How can you resist ?

Glénan islands

Set sail to the Glénan islands. Perched on the beacons, the cormorants watch us pass. Half-way across, we pass Ile des Moutons, standing proudly with its square lighthouse. Past Guiriden and Penfret before entering the archipelago lagoon. They say the water is the clearest in Brittany. The boats seem to have given the word, as they gather and sail over “maerl” beds. They seem to fly in a crystal sky.

The name “Glénan” comes from the Breton word "Glein" which means "clear".