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The Yelloh!Village spirit: top-of-the-range campsites for your holidays.

We are artisans of happiness in each of our 93 campsite owners

independent and united under the same colors since 2000: Yelloh! Town.
All different, from different cultures, backgrounds, passions and tastes ...
We have strong personalities and one thing in common:
We love people. We love you.
We love your stories, your personalities, your flaws and your qualities… We are happy when you are happy.
Your smiles, your laughter, your joys, it is our energy, our reason for being on a daily basis.

October through March is yours as we prepare for the season ahead. We dream of you when we create a new premium district, expand a swimming pool, choose an even bigger slide, decorate a new restaurant, create a new service to make your holidays easier, concoct a new activity or set up shop. 200 new flowering trees in the alleys… It is you who motivate us every day to be and remain the most beautiful open-air hotels. 

So yes every Yelloh! Village is unique,
and that will not change. We will always cultivate our differences, our passions… because we believe in a world of passions, of multiple characters. The little pleasures of your vacation are created in spontaneity, human relationships, listening, kindness, the little attentions that make great moments.
This is why we like to define ourselves as Craftsmen, Craftsmen of Happiness.
You get it, we are all different.
Everyone has their own personality, their desires, their passions, their pleasures that they like to share with you.