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Payment wristband

How does it work in practice?

Upon arrival, every family receives two bracelets equipped with a Cashless chip.Once on your wrist, you can charge money onto it at reception.You can charge your bracelet as many times you like during your stay.Once charged, simply pay with your cashless bracelet and enjoy all our services!

Is it the only method of payment accepted onsite?

No, all our services also accept credit cards (Mastercard or Visa).At your arrival at the reception desk, you will pay - if necessary – the balance of your stay with a standard means of payment: credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or cash.After that, we ask that you charge your cashless with the amount that you wish, then use it to pay in all our services.

It is mandatory to create a cashless account once the bracelet is in your possession. Create an account

I need more than 2 bracelets; what do I do?

We offer you two bracelets free of charge.But, you may have as many bracelets as you want.Any extra bracelet will be charged 1€.In this way, you can also give Cashless bracelets to your children and manage their pocket money!
You can choose the amount you want to credit on their bracelet and teach them to be completely autonomous.

My bracelet is broken, what can I do?

In case of malfunction: come to reception with the faulty bracelet.

How do I block my Cashless bracelet in case of loss or theft?

Log into your account, select your support and block it so that it is no longer used.
A new bracelet will be given to you by the reception. Activation prices will be charged 1€.

How can I track my expenses?

You can find the details of your transactions on your account above.
The balance may be delayed based on network coverage.
If you wish, our teams of all our services have the possibility to indicate you your exact remaining balance.

I have remaining credits and it’s the end of my stay, what do I do?

No problem!
You have the possibility to get the leftover credits back, online, on our platform until the 15th October 2021.
In case of problem concerning your refund, please send us an email to address contact@rancdavaine.fr with the chip number of your bracelet, indicate your name and your problem.

Don't hesitate to call the Reception for any further info!