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Cultural visits in Brittany
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Aquarien und Museen in der Bretagne

Haliotika, the City of fishing of Guilvinec

Only 20 minutes from Quimper, Haliotika fishing city is a center of modern and interactive discovery for the whole family. This visit, rewarding and funny, immerses you in the exciting world of sea fishing. More information :www.haliotika.com.

Océanopolis, explore the oceans in Brest.

The tropical pavilion invites you to a wonderful journey through the seas and tropical oceans. Related to vacation pictures or earthly paradise, the tropical belt is distributed on both sides of the equator, including all waters whose temperature never drops below 20°C. With 1700m3 of aquariums, the tropical pavilion presents the extreme diversity of marine organisms, from sharks to corals living through multiple species and shimmering colors.
Many aquariums of the temperate pavilion are all open on the rich Breton flora and fauna: the lobsters burrow, seals, large falling rock with its huge bar, the pool "Iroise" with its rays, turbot and lobster... Oceanography space is dedicated to the great marine phenomena tides, currents, waves. 

The highlight of the visit: the feeding of seals and petting in the “touch” pool.
North of any land, ocean; south of any sea, a continent: Arctic and Antarctica. The polar pavilion of Océanopolis takes you to the discovery of these two ecosystems so different and so similar. After an incredible panoramic show, carrying you in Antarctica, you will go to meet the largest colony of penguins in Europe and seals of the Big North installed on a real ice floe: unforgettable images.
Free Parking, several restaurants, boutique. More information : www.oceanopolis.com