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sustainable development in Britain.
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Holidays in a campsite respecting the nature.

sustainable development and camping
For several years, the campsite Sunêlia Atlantic agrees with the Green Key label a responsible approach:
electricity saving and water systems installed as standard in our new accommodation. Electricity is activated by a key when vacationers are in accommodation. All valves are equipped with an economical aerator to limit water flow.
Information from our customers on the sorting of waste and respect for our natural spaces and the use of the laundry. Presence detector in health to reduce the consumption of electricity. LED bulbs installed on the campsite and in our new accommodation.
Isolation of the hospitality building, one building in use during the winter, and installing a new generation gas boiler.
For watering green spaces, using a drip system efficient automatic drip water. Beyond the aesthetics, you'll remember, the longevity of our company is based on respect for the land where it is located and proximity to the nature reserve of Mousterlin.
green key

A Green Key establishment is:

- A framework that respects the environment and natural resources,
- An environmental policy based on continuous improvement and on the water management criteria, waste, energy and sustainable procurement
- Managers and teams anxious sharing eco-actions for stays engaged.
For holidays closer to nature, camping Sunêlia Atlantic offers accommodation unusual:
- Contemporary yurts, a wooden interior.
- The furnished tents, return to simplicity.

sustainable development in Fouesnant

On foot, by bike or by boat, discover the nature reserves of Fouesnant. We offer camping bike rental, accessible also to people outside the camp to avoid as much as possible to use your car and discover the surroundings.
You have certainly heard of the Glénan archipelago. This Breton Nature Reserve, famous for its sandy beaches and clear waters. For an afternoon "nature" as a family, we recommend you explore the lagoon by kayak. We also can encourage you to discover the guided walks with Lulu, the famous animator "nature" of the town.
Fouesnant was illustrated by its sustainable development policy. Five of our fleet beaches the Blue Flag, which recognizes not only the quality of bathing water, but also the commitment of the city to create a pleasant living environment with respect for our planet. Beach camping with direct access to 400 meters, is one of those beaches Blue Flag.

sustainable development in Britain

This is a region that feels concerned with ecology and sustainable development. Each Breton in its scale seeks to make its contribution to the building.
Many experiments are conducted throughout the region to promote sustainable agriculture, or promote activities that have little or no environmental impact. The education of children and visitors is through the many nature outings in Brittany. hiking tours are highlighted, as well as water activities.
Brittany is famous for its unspoiled landscapes and ecosystems of great diversity. Whether at sea or on land, many areas are protected through national parks and nature reserves. These rankings serve to protect, enhance them, without the sanctuaries. These landmarks must remain accessible so that everyone becomes aware that they are precious and we must pass on to future generations. Britain can be proud of its efforts to preserve its natural heritage.